Sinlion Battery Tech, Co., Ltd. was founded by the R&D team of the Chinese Academy of Science, Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics(the core staff had participated in the work of the National 863 program for electric vehicle). 

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Supported by Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy of Science and surrounding resources of local universities, we have successfully manufactured the high-safety and high-performance lithium-ion battery for high-capacity and high-power application. At the same time, we have obtained many patents for independent intellectual properties, and the main technical parameters are in the leading level in the world, and the products are mainly used in the area of vehicles, industry and energy storage.

The company has won numerous honors such as "High-tech Enterprises in Jiangsu province", “Leading Enterprise in Suzhou Industrial Park”, "Suzhou key laboratory of nano energy storage materials and devices ", etc. The company has improved the quality of battery safety drastically, passed the UL, CE and the other international safety certifications, with long-term commitment to provide customers with safe, stable, efficient and environmentally friendly products.

In 2015,Shanghai Sinlion Battery Tech, Co., Ltd.was established jointly by institutional investors and original founders. After the Shanghai company was founded, it wholly acquired Suzhou Sinlion Battery Tech, Co.,  LTD. and opened new manufacture subsidary, Taizhou Sinlion Battery Tech, Co., LTD. to meet fast growing customer demands. Suzhou Sinlion is focusing on providing lithium-ion battery for light vehicles and industrial products(AGV/RGV); Taizhou Sinlion is focusing on the batteries production, at the same time to develop the system for electric vehicles and energy storage. Suzhou Sinlion covers an area of 4800 square meters, and Taizhou Sinlion owned the plant for the area of 40000 square meters. The first phase of Taizhou Sinlion plant is in mass production since January 2016, with an annual capacity of 200MWh. The second phase will be completed in July 2016, with an annual capacity of 1GWh. Sinlion will continue to provide customers with more high-quality products and services.

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